Dispute Resolution Services


My litigation practice included the full range of business disputes: antitrust, securities, intellectual property, environmental, employment, contracts, insurance coverage, mergers and acquisitions, and business torts, which arose in many industries: food distribution, energy exploration and production, pipelines, LCD panels, commercial refrigeration, shipping, airline pricing, cathode ray tubes, property development and leasing, and industrial valve manufacturing, to name a few. My mediation practice has been similarly diverse. Mediations can be conducted at a location in Houston or at a place of the parties' choosing.


My practice involved arbitration of commercial disputes, including several that went through the arbitration hearing and, in one case, was appealed in the court system. Arbitrations were governed by AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules, ICC, UNCITRAL and as specified by the parties' contracts. In addition, I was involved in enforcing an international arbitration judgment in multiple jurisdictions in and outside of the U.S. In many cases, questions of arbitrability were raised and determined in conjunction with pending cases. Arbitration hearings can be held at a place of the parties' choosing.

Settlement Evaluation and Assistance

In some cases, a second set of eyes on the evaluation of the case for settlement and settlement strategy is useful to both clients and counsel. In other cases, a strategic division between trial counsel and settlement counsel is beneficial. Having handled complex cases on both sides of the docket for thirty-three years, I offer not only experienced case evaluation but familiarity with the mindset of both plaintiffs' and defense counsel toward settlement.