Mediation Rates

For most mediations, my rate is $7,500 per side for each day an in-person mediation session is conducted. A "side" is one or more parties with substantively aligned interests and no material disputes among them. If, for example, insurers are participating in the mediation and they have coverage or similar issues germane to the case, the insurers will be a "side." Highly complex cases or cases where out-of-town travel is required may warrant a higher rate.

No additional fees are charged for any time I spend before or after any in-person mediation session, including time preparing for the mediation session and time working with counsel and the parties to resolve the case after the mediation session.

I do not pass-on expenses, except where travel is involved.

Arbitration, Mock Proceedings, and Settlement Evaluation Rates

For arbitrations, serving as a mock arbitrator, and assisting with settlement evaluation, my hourly rate is $700. Where feasible for me and the parties, I will propose a single, flat fee or flat fees paid per phase of the case, instead of hourly billings. I do not seek reimbursement for most expenses, except for travel-related expenses and such things as high-volume document reproduction or I.T. expenses incurred specifically for a given matter.

Cancellation Fees

For most mediations, no fee will be charged for cancelled mediation sessions. The exceptions are: (1) Mediations scheduled for multiple days and cancelled near to the start of the mediation. (2) Mediations where I have expended more than the usual time in preparation for the mediation session in meetings with counsel and/or the parties and review of written materials. In these instances, a cancellation fee of $2,500 per side will be charged.

Cancellation fees for arbitrations, mock proceedings, and settlement evaluations will be negotiated at the time of engagement.